Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What came first...

The chickens, or the rabbits? Or the moose?

Answer: The chickens.

I sewed, stuffed and asembled the two fabric panel chicken dolls yesterday afternoon, while the wind howled and the snow fell horizontally. Cutting out fabric panel projects is a pain because every single piece has to be cut out one at a time. But sewing them is fun.

Henrietta Hen has 8 chicks and an interesting backstory printed on the panel- something about a husband, 4 additional chicks, and odd names for the 8 who are included- Reid, Ozark, Darlin', Ben Jr, etc. I wonder if there is a book about her somewhere- that's a lot of wordage for a piece of fabric that is just going to be thrown out. Her pieces fit together fine, the babies are pretty darn adorable, and they fit into the pocket of her dress.

Ms. Chick, of the Barnyard Friends, is a less complicated doll (her clothes don't come off, and there are no spindly legged babies), but is pretty cute anyway. I don't usually point out typos or proofing mistakes, given that I make so many of the former and am a pro at the latter, but I couldn't help laughing at the instructions for sewing and placing Ms Chick's "waddle".

I may sew either the bunnies or the moose today. Or I might start spinning the Juice Glass BFL roving from Yummy Yarn, since I finished the Batty roving yesterday (3.9 ozs, 213 yds of lovely, lofty, three-ply fingering weight). It's gorgeous but not enough for a pair of adult socks (I refuse to knit socks for kids from handpsun yarn), so it'll probably be gloves.

However, I am heading out for the postponed dentist appointment very soon, and will return numb and drooling, so I may do nothing today but recover the feeling in my face. I'll haul the camera along, and see if I can get some pics of amazing snow piles. We ended up with over 12" of highly mobile snow. It's a white world out there. Again.


ChristyH said...

Those chickens are so cute.

joannamauselina said...

Indeed they are. It is snowing in Seattle too (Grrr!) but not enough to affect daily life -- I hope.

Gayle said...

Thanks for the GREAT pics of your town and landscape. Wonderful to see.

DragonsChest said...

I simply do not know how you folks who live in the snowy north live from day to day. That's too much snow, too often.

The chickens are adorable. Nice job!

Gnat said...