Wednesday, April 8, 2009

AI- Top 8 Elimination

Randy is wearing a paisley shirt, black vest and love beads. Kara is in purple, and Paula is dressed for tea with The Queen, if The Queen decides to hold court in Deadwood.

We waste a little time with fake Paula and Simon baby pictures, and talk about birth years since last night’s theme was The year You Were Born (1952 if you couldn’t tell from my e-mail address) (1959 for Simon, who is… younger than me). Ryan tells us that Venus was a hit during Simon’s birth year, and we see a clip of Frankie Avalon crooning, before the curtain opens and there’s Frankie himself, looking pretty damn good for an ex-beach blanket bingoer.

They might actually have sung the Group Sing tonight (rather than relying on the backing tracks)- though I don’t know the song and couldn’t tell for sure.

It’s not enough that Ford has a 3 minute commercial during the most popular show in the country every single week, we also “get” to see a good five minutes of Behind the Scenes stuff, during which assorted sets of sparkly eye paint, freaky costumes, and a scary director all get equal time. After which, we see the actual commercial, which isn’t worth the build up.

In the Chatter Portion of The Elimination Show Riser Padding, we spot Matt’s mayor in the audience, and learn that Anoop doesn’t care for sparkly eye makeup.

In the Fake Drama Portion of The Elimination Show Riser Padding, Adam is safe (which he would be even if he wasn’t), Kris is in danger, and Anoop is in the bottom three.

Next onstage is someone named Flow Rider. Or Flo Ridah. Or, now that I see the sign- Florida. I am way too old for this stuff, and Flo (or, perhaps, Rida) has to be bleeped during the self-promotion portion of his performance. I just want him to pull up his pants.

In the next segment of Fake Drama, Danny is safe. Matt is also safe (okay, so there was a bit of real drama there- I’ll give them that), and Scott, who talked back to Simon last night, is in The Bottom Three.

There was also a bit of real drama between Lil and Allison, in that Lil probably has a good fan base, and I don’t think Allison does. Since I personally prefer Allison, I was pleased that Lil got the nod (or the un-nod). I don’t want Lil to go home, I just want her shook up enough to stop coasting.

While I absolutely loathed Kellie Pickler during her season, I find her rather amusing now. I still don’t want to listen to her sing (this song is shouty and shrill), but I think she’s personally sort of adorable. She’s wearing horrible strappy shoes and a dress constructed of wide tiers of sparkly lace. I think she may have deflated those storebought boobs- she’s definitely smaller than she was shortly after the end of her season.

After a bit more fake drama, Lil is sent back to safety. Ryan says that only 30,000 votes separate the bottom 2, so even the safe one isn’t all that safe. To no one’s surprise, Scott is going home. The judges pretend to contemplate saving him, but they won’t do it. Scott has a nice voice and I think he’s a nice guy, and I hope he has a nice Yanni/John Teshian career, but it is time for him to go home. He sings again (better than last night, but not by much), and Paula sends him off with a lovely little tribute (side note: Paula has been remarkably lucid this season. She still doesn’t make sense much of the time, but at least you can understand the individual words when she says them. Yay Paula!) (another side note: Scott looked better before the stylists got hold of him). I hope Scott gave his little sister a big hug- she looked pretty devastated.

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