Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AI Top 7 Elimination

I missed the dramatic intro because I was playing the Susan Boyle video for friends, but this is Top 7 Elimination Night, where traditionally six of the kids are divided into two groups- one composed of the Bottom 3, the other Not- while a Sure Thing (I predict Danny) is forced to select which group he belongs to (I say he, because it’s always a guy). No matter how the choice is made, the chooser (who does not volunteer for the job) always looks like a tool. I hate Top 7 Elimination Night.

Randy is wearing a lavender V-neck sweater and beads, Kara is in purple satin and black jeans, and Paula is displaying The Girls in tightly constructed upholstery fabric that my grandma used for throw pillows.

The Fordmercial continues this season’s tradition of cheesy production values on Freeze Frame. The Group Sing is Maniac from Flash Dance, and the only interesting moment is when Anoop stumbles on the stairs.

We see a bit of footage from the premier of 17 Again, though surely everyone in the world has seen this movie a half dozen times already (Brian Dyole Murray in the role of Zoltar, and Thomas Lennon as Billy, are interesting additions). Zac Ephron and his greasy hair are in the audience.

Allison, in an embroidered blue hoodie with white piping, and purple jeans, is the first standee. On the closeup, I notice that she has really good skin. And she’s safe! Wahoo!

Do I even need to say that Adam is safe?

Anoop and his five o’clock shadow and satin windbreaker are in the Bottom 3. Again.

Though I didn’t love anyone during Season 3, I did like Jennifer Hudson, and I have cheered her string of successes. She’s wearing shoulder pads, sparkles and tight black pants, and she looks fantastic. She sings If This Isn’t Love from her new Grammy Winning album. It’s nice but shouty (which is one of the reasons I didn’t love her in the first place).

Kris and Lil stand next. Kris is wearing a black checked shirt over a black t-shirt, and Lil is boobilicious in lime green satin. Given that Ryan jerks Kris around almost every week, I understand why he wanted to make certain that Lil was going to the stools.

Matt and Gokey stand next. Gokey is wearing glasses tonight, and Matt isn’t wearing a stupid hat. For a minute, I thought Danny might actually be in trouble, but it’s Matt.

Immediately after I declare that Anoop is going home, he’s sent back to safety, which tells you what I know. I also declare that the judges won’t use their immunity on either Matt or Lil.

Since I have young granddaughters, I am far more familiar with Miley Cyrus than I ever want to be. I do not find her voice (personality, show, father) pleasing, but this song is not awful.

Simon hints that they might use their magical powers to save the one we wouldn’t expect. I can’t decide whether that means Matt (since Lil was one of the early Golden Ones) or Lil (since she’s no longer under their protection).

Lil is safe (for now), and Matt sings for his life. I amuse myself imagining a medley of Reallyreallyreally songs (this one and that thing by The Spice Girls about what you reallyreally want), and assume that the judges are just putting on a show, since they could be called on next week to save Adam or Danny.

And once again, I am wrong- they wave their wand and Matt sticks around, though it’s not such a reprieve since two kids will go home next week and the theme is Disco. How much you wanna bet Lil sings I Will Survive?
p.s. My guess is that they skipped the usual Top 7 ceremony because the Bottom 3 group would have been too obvious.

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