Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fruit of the Vine

The end result of all that winemaking late last year:
27 bottles Blackberry Melomel
14 Bottles Muscat
24 Bottles Merlot
24 Bottles Riesling

The Merlot tastes great now, the Muscat and Riesling need a bit of ageing (especially since we don't sweeten wines any more- we can add a bit of splenda to an individual glass if needed), and the Blackberry Melomel needs a good year in the bottle before it'll be good.
The top pic has riesling, Merlot, and a glass with a blend of all of the wines (the fun of bottling is that there is always a little left over from each batch to play with). Middle pic is the Blackberry Melomel and Muscat. Bottom is Riesling (the Merlot was put away before I had a chance to take a pic, but it looks the same as the Blackberry).

But they all cleared beautifully, and I'll make labels in the next week or so. Check the archives for *winemaking* for the journey from juice/berries to wine.

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