Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Driving in a Winter Wonderland

It's not so bad, unless you need to make a left turn. Then it's dicey.

Pic #1: the snowpile from the Dentist's small alley parking lot
Pic #2: Main Street, cleared for driving and parking with the snow piled up in the middle. It'll be cleared in the next few days, and the snow will be dumped in a pasture, to melt (slowly we hope) into the creek

Pic #3: Main Street, the other direction, with our single stop light

Pic #4: The school playground- note the snow pile. It's easily 15' high.

Pic #5. See what I mean about no left turns? No visibility at all. Luckily, this is a 4-way stop by the Post Office.

Pic #6: Our oldest out building. Remember the pic a couple of days ago? The one where there was no snow at all?

Pic #7: The garage (which is too full for ordinary things like cars. My husband had to manually dig my car out this morning, so I could make it to the dentist. Which I did, and am now home again, numb but relieved).
And if you park on one side of the street and need to get to a store on the other side of the street? Get ready to climb.


Angie said...

Your new snow piles are really amazing! Best wishes in maintaining reasonable sanity. :D Just seeing snowflakes now makes *me* twitchy.

Stacy said...

I vaguely remember snow piles like that - 15 feet high - in the parking lot by my mom's house.

Gramma Phyllis said...

I'm just happy that that isn't the view out my window here in upstate NY. And I concur, I hope the melt is a slow one, flooding is not a desirable thing.

Linda said...

whoa! stay safe on those roads.