Friday, April 24, 2009

Freebie Next Friday, and quilting quilting quilting

The wonderful Joan Wilson has given me permission to upload her American Girl Doll knitting patterns (adorable sweaters and other items) as Freebie Friday patterns. I thought I was going to be ready to feature them today, but things got away from me (again)(still). But... next Friday, I promise. Freebie! Knitting! American Girl!!!!!

In the meantime, I have been sewing. My friend Lorah, who is a Quilting Maven, gave me a whole sack full of precut quilting squares- 6", 5", 4", 2 1/2", 2", triangles. Hundreds of them. So I have been playing. I mentioned in an earlier post, amassing 8 1/2" random squares for an eventual quilt, and these pieces are perfect for that project. I have 26 blocks done (20 shown in the pictures), and need probably 100 for a King Size quilt (though I don't know if I'll actually make one that big- can the pro quilters handle pieces that big? I'm going to send it out). There is a great freedom in allowing myself to be asymmetrical. And in not hewing to a specific color scheme. I am having a marvelous time just putting squares together and then adding borders, or cutting them on odd angles.
Also, Lorah gave me one of those little sticky dots that quilters put on their fingers, in lieu of a thimble. Pure genius! No more bandaids!

The froggie prints arrived for my granddaughter's Christmas present. I realized rather late in the game, that 4" squares aren't very big (duh...) and that 12o of them aren't enough for even a small quilt (again, duh...). So I trekked to the Alco store and was most delighted to find 5 coordinating fabrics. I made 4-square patches (2 frog prints, 2 coordinates) and alternated them with solid coordinating squares. It's all arranged (sort of randomly, but also trying not to have like fabrics touching anywhere)(and not succeeding, as I see in the photo), stacked and numbered, and waiting for me to assemble it. I'll put a couple of borders around the whole, and then this twin size quilt will be ready for the quilter. Wahoo! (especially since I'll have 4 more to make, in time for The Holiday)


Stacy said...

The quilt fabric looks great. I especially love how all of the blues look together.

S said...

That quilt is so pretty!!!