Wednesday, April 8, 2009

AI- Top 8 Performances Only

Thanks to a couple of commenters (thanks Barb and Maxine for the link!), I was able to watch just the performances from last night. Only the performances are posted on the Official AI site, none of the judges' comments or the rest of the filler (this might be The Way to watch this show). I haven't read any other recaps (not even at TWoP, because it wouldn't load this morning), though I did hear about Simon's ovation. So I have no idea what other people thought about these performances (outside of the raves I heard about Adam and Allison).

This is the order they're posted on the Official AI Site ( )- I don't know if it's the reverse order of the performances, or if this is the ranking the show is giving the kids.

Adam- Mad World: Adam has ordinary hair, less makeup, and mostly ordinary clothes (though that scarf is not exactly street wear). I don't know this song (yeah, I've been old for a long time), but whatever it is, it's gorgeous. This is a lovely performance, though I did hear just a bit of wobble in the last note. No wonder Simon was wowed.

Allison- I Can't Make You Love Me: Allison is dressed like a red-headed Dixie Chick, in chains and black leather ruffles with an uneven hem. I love this song, and I love her take on it. I would have voted for her if I'd seen the show (and I suppose I could have voted for her anyway on general principle, after I got home, even without seeing the performance, but that seemed like cheating).

Anoop- True Colors: Anoop is wearing a V-neck, green and white striped cardigan and tie. Have I ever mentioned that I think rolled up cuffs are very sexy? Anoop looks good. And he sounds very good on Cyndi Lauper's hit (maybe I'm not as old as I thought- I do know this song quite well).

Danny- Stand By Me (must be the version released after the movie, since the song itself is almost as old as I am): I like tonight's glasses. He's wearing a fuchsia shirt and tie, and a black blazer with what looks to be polished cotton lapels. I like this arrangement, and Danny is as good as he always is.

Kris- All She Wants to Do is Dance: Kris is all tan, guitar and pretty. It's an okay performance- not great, not bad. Competent. Competent may not cut it.

Lil- What's Love Got To Do With It: Lil has on a good wig and Tina Turner clothes, but eek- this isn't good at all. I wonder if Simon invoked the K word, because this is as K as they come.

Matt- Part Time Lover: Matt has on a stupid hat and a leather jacket that is at least one size too small. I am so annoyed by the hat that I barely notice that the performance is full of bad notes.

Scott- The Search is Over: Scott has better hair and a nice shirt. He's standing with a guitar. Scott has a very nice voice, but this is a blah song and a blah performance, and I think his days are numbered.

Obvious Best: Adam, with Allison not too terribly far behind

Better than Expected: Anoop

Good Enough: Danny

Nowhere near as good as she's capable of: Lil (and I'm wondering if I need to rethink what she's capable of)

Annoying: Matt

Probably Not Good Enough to Save Him for Long: Kris

Packing His Bags: Scott


The Mays said...

Interestingly enough, I believe Paula actually used the "K" word to describe Lil's performance. That's when you know you're in trouble!

Barb said...

Happy to supply the link. Many times I have to watch the recaps because I am still at work and/or my husband hates this show. Just so you know - on the front page of the video section there is a recap of judges comments, but only one per contestant. You could get and idea of what was said. It's amazing that you voice exactly a lot of the things I'm thinking about, like Adam's song. I had never heard it either and thought it was fantastic. I too, was born in '52

LizzieHelen said...

Re: Adam's song. I really didn't think I knew it, but a coworker found a video online of the original by Tears for Fears

and I recognized it. I liked it then--tho a bit upbeat for the words--, but I like Adam's version even better.