Wednesday, April 22, 2009

AI- Top 7&6 Elimination

I’m happy to report that the audio and video behaved for the double elimination show.

Randy is wearing a black shirt. Kara is still sporting those sleek extensions, and has on a heavily underwired purple strapless dress. Paula continues to select outfits from her Sparkle Closet. Simon’s gray sweater looks very soft and expensive.

After 8 seasons, Paula finally got to do something she’s really good at- choreography. Her arrangement of the disco medley group sing is most enjoyable- it’s more about the dancing than the singing, but the dancing is totally passable. Even Danny looks coordinated. They’re all in Qiana and big lapels and sunglasses (except for Adam), and they finish with a superlative Pointy Pose. Brava, Paula!

By comparison, the Fordmercial sucks. But the Season 8 Fordmercial sucks every week, so the suckitude is not exactly a surprise.

After the real commercial, we go to the chairs. The kids un-70’d themselves as much as possible in the interim. Lil stands in a white ruffly shirt and cute gray vest over the same black tights and white go-go boots she had on for the group sing. Ryan drones on for awhile and… whoa.. Lil is going home. Not that I didn’t expect it, but I didn’t think we’d get the announcement with so little manufactured drama.

Lil sings, and sure enough- she’s shouty. Lil peaked in the semis, which is sad. So much talent and so little artistry. Is Lil officially #7?

Frieda Payne takes the stage, to sing her one and only hit, Band of Gold (an upbeat ditty about the misery of wedding night impotence). Frieda has had a lot of work done, and her voice is a little weak, but she’s having a great time.

Frieda introduces Thelma Huston, who is wearing a floaty canary yellow dress with an uneven hem, and George Clinton hair. She belts Don’t Leave Me This Way as her breasts try to make a run for it.

Speaking of breasts, K.C (without The Sunshine Band), gets down tonight with his Backup Strippers (seriously- did you spot the one on the far right?).

We return to the reason for the show (besides generating ad revenue). Kris, who started out as pretty cannon fodder but has grown tremendously through the season, is safe. Adam is safe. Danny, without glasses but with facial hair, is safe. Anoop is in The Bottom 2. Allison, dressed like Great Aunt Gert on Casino Night, and Matt stand. And… damn… Allison joins Anoop.

If anything, David Archuletta looks younger than he did last year. The song doesn’t show off his vocals very well (which makes me a little more resigned to Allison getting the boot- if she goes early, maybe she won’t have to record crap like this).

But, much to my relief, Anoop is going home. I do like Anoop, and the stylists have done very well by him, but I’m glad that Allison here for at least one more week (my best hope is for her to make it to 3rd place, but I don’t think that’s going to happen).

Next week, we’re back to single elimination, with no Deus ex Machina. It’ll be interesting.


knitster said...

I never did like Anoop or Lil, so am glad they are gone, I do like Allison, but...

I love your bag you made a couple of days ago, now all those fat quarters I buy at Joann's on sale, I can use them for these and make Christmas gifts. Thanks for the idea.

Barb said...

You're rendition of the show is almost as entertaining as the show itself! I thought Freda was pushing it a bit and wondered about AI being in a recession too. But I thought Huston was pretty fantastic, even though she barely managed to stay in that dress. I enjoyed the vocals. Totally agree about KC and the backups! Anoop wouldn't have made it to the finals. But I am sorry I have to listen to Matt again. Oh well! Keep up the good work. Nice bags you're making, I've made a few and might just get inspired to do another.I have plenty of lonely quilt blocks laying around from ufo's. But this weekend I'm off to a knitting seminar.

Kris said...

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your Idol commentary every week - and how close it is to the conversation in my living room! So funny! Thanks for the great blog - I came for the AG stuff and got hooked!