Monday, April 13, 2009

Before I head to Brookings

I'm speaking at the Brookings (SD) Public Library tonight at 7:00pm, ostensibly on the journey from being a craft writer to a mystery novelist and then back to a craft writer, but really, I'm just going to yammer on about whatever pops into my head, and maybe I'll read out my song lyrics (search Leave The Lights On in the blog archives if you haven't seen it). I hope the crowd will indulge me, and then ask great questions afterward. It's sure to be a fun evening (for me anyway). It's a 125 miles to Brookings, so I'll be leaving fairly early in the afternoon, because I'm going to do a little shopping in Watertown on the way over (it'll be far too late for shopping on the way home tonight. No, I'm not staying. The weather will be fine, I'll just have to keep an eye out for suicidal deer).
I finished the Pinkish Socks (Christmas present for an 11 year old girl) and they came out nice, for Pinkish Socks. And I started a waffle texture sock (Rnds 1-4: K, Rnds 5-6: *K2, P2* rep around) from the Twisted Fiber Arts Braider handspun BFL yarn. It's a 2-ply. Though I didn't even try to retain the striping, it's striping nicely. These are going to be gorgeous.
Catch all y'all on the flip.
p.s. All of the kids loved their stuffed animals

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joannamauselina said...

Both pairs of socks are very attractive. The pinkish ones should delight any 11 year old, or any any-year-old for that matter.