Saturday, July 11, 2009

Belgrade, MT

In the space of 13 hours, we've passed by The Bitteroot Mountains, The Beartooth Mountains, and The Absarokas. Tomorrow morning, early, we'll go by The Crazy Mountains (which always make me think of the Sheriff Jules Clement mysteries, by Jamie Harrison- which, if you have not read them, stop reading this and go do so immediately), and fairly soon, we'll hit The Rockies. Given that we'll also cross The Cascades and The Coast Range, this is a mountainful drive. And a beautiful one.

And an uneventful one (knock wood). With 4 adults, 2 cars and 3 small girls, it was a long but remarkably lovely day, with none of that *she's breathing my air*, *are we there yet?* stuff.

I finished the first inside out sock (from Plymouth Happy Feet) but forgot to take a pic and am too lazy to take one now, so I'll do it tomorrow. We should make it to Portland by late afternoon.

Pics: the beginning of The Badlands, in western SD, the entrance to Wall Drug (no, we did not stop this time), roadside park in Buffalo Wyoming, and The Beartooth Mountains. The mountain pictures were taken through the windshield. Tomorrow, we'll get out and take pics.

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