Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's an Upside Down World

Poor Portland is going to hit 107 today, which is miserable even where there is air conditioning available (which it is not, in The Rose City). When I get that hot, I just give up and cry. On the other hand, here in South Dakota, we're slated for a record-low high temp of 64. 64 degrees on July 29. I am wearing a sweatshirt. And socks. The Weather Fairies must be drunk.

I'm catching up on routine tasks- paying bills that came while we were gone, paying bills that will come due when I am gone again, preparing birthday gifts for small girls (which fall while I'll be in Portland), washing and folding clothes, remembering where we keep the garbage, trying to accept about a bazillion gifts and requests that accumulated on Facebook while I was gone, sleeping in my own bed- stuff like that.

Sometime today, I will double check the homework for my Summit classes, and make sure I have everything I need for that.

Oh, and I'll be gazing in amazement, and with pride, at The Big Book of Socks. My 10th book. whoda thunk?

In the meantime, here are a few more pretty pictures from the trip.

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