Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I can haz yarn

Okay, so I wasn't going to buy much yarn on this leg of my trip (waiting for the market at the Sock summit), but I dropped by Country Yarns (in Snohomish- no web site up yet), and lo, and behold, some yarn jumped itself right into my hands. What could I do, but buy it?'

The yarns all come from indie-dyer Lollipop Cabin ( - though it's a totally minimal site, with only a link to an e-mail address, as far as I could tell)- and gorgeous yarns they are: a 96 yd sampler of what looks like heavy fingering weight wool yarn in purples/greens/browns (for $2.95!) , a 30% angora/70% wool sampler with 160 yds in greens, purples and blues ($6.95! enough for mittens, I think), another sampler in wool/mohair singles also in green/purple ($4.95), and an amazing skein of sock yarn in 50/50 wool/soy silk in pale purple/green/cream/brown (462 yds, a perfectly reasonable $21.95). All beautifully dyed and presented (I love the winged sheep logo). And I picked up some crochet hooks for my Sock Summit classes.

and Lollipop Cabin will be a vendor at the Summit, so I suspect I'll buy more. It's gorgeous!

p.s. I also bought a t-shirt from the Snohomish Bakery, where I used to eat bearclaw pastries

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Päivi said...

Hi, I´ve just found the world of podcasts and I listened your intervju in Knit Pick podcast. I´m waiting for to see your sock book.
It´s been interesting to get information about american style of knitting and thinking about knitting. Greetings from Finland :)