Saturday, July 25, 2009

Even More Hometown

I'm back online. This is our last day in the PNW- we're going to a family picnic with aunts, uncles, cousins and assorted little ones (and sisters, of course). It'll be wonderful and busy and food-ful (I am food-ful. I've tried to maintain a sensible diet on vacation, but have slipped sadly). We head out early tomorrow, to Whitehall, MT.

But in the meantime, here is the 6th Street Bridge, over the Pilchuck River. I grew up in the valley, beyond that bridge, and went over it multiple times a day in my childhood (walking, on bikes, on the school bus). Though much has changed about my home town (including the fact that my childhood home was moved for an onramp), this bridge is still the same. There is comfort in that.

The other river picture is Pilchuck Park. the Pilchuck is a relatively narrow and shallow river, ice cold from mountain runoff, with a rocky bottom. It's also very beautiful. We swam in it often (though not on this trip).

And finally, here are some baby pinecones. I just thought they were pretty.

Yesterday, I had the kind of day with my sisters that we never get: an ordinary one. We went shopping, had lunch, and then made a family supper. Lots of laughter and hugs and talk. It was wonderful. And then my fantastic nephew got my mini up and running on their wifi, which was a relief.

Oh, and we also got to tour my brother-in-law's aeronautics engineering company. No cameras were allowed, but the machinery was beyond amazing. I loved the tour, and am sorry I can't show any of it to you.

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