Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Brain on Vacation

actual conversation:
Small girl in back seat: What's the capitol of Alaska?
Me, immediately: Anchorage
Driver, with raised eyebrow: Um, that would be Juneau

I'm surprised I didn't say Dutch Harbor.

Yesterday I asked my friend Jane if she forgot her other sack from the Fred Meyer purchases only to have her point to my right hand, where I was holding it.

There are a great many more examples of Vacation Stupidity (and the fact that I am totally directionally impaired- not good in a place that is not set out on a grid, like South Dakota), but I don't have the will to tell them all. I am not quite acclimated yet, I guess.

However, outside of some major memory lapses, I'm having a most wonderful time. We served halved cherry tomatoes and salad shrimp on the Himilayan Salt block last night and they were amazing. I think I'll go back to The Meadow before the Sock Summit (I'll be returning here about a week after we get home) and buy more for us, and as souvenirs for friends. The finishing salts were amazing on the grilled veggies and steak last night. I didn't put any salt on the cake Jane made: dense chocolate cake with a layer of chocolate ganache and then thick praline on top. And yes, I had a slice. A small slice and it was heaven.

Today, we head to Cannon Beach- the 2nd most beautiful place in the world. Prepare for thousands of pictures and loads of gushing, about the beach and the rocks, but also about the town itself. I love love love Cannon Beach, and I think you'll understand why soon.

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