Monday, July 20, 2009

Hometown Bound

I didn't spend much time in Seattle when I was growing up- the 3rd graders always had a field trip to Woodland Park Zoo, we went as a family to the 1962 World Fair, and in high school, we went to a performance of HMS Pinafore at the Seattle Opera House. Otherwise, despite being only 32 miles from Snohomish, I was rarely in The Emerald City. But it is beautiful.

We didn't stop on the way through yesterday, from Portland. But I snapped a few pictures from the car. The city skyline is amazing. The plants on the overpasses are gorgeous. The Space Needle is The Space Needle. Pike Place Market is wonderful, but I had no desire to drive downtown yesterday. We may make it back there later. Or we may not.

I didn't get many pictures of Snohomish yesterday either, but I will in the next few days. I also didn't get any good Mt Rainier pics (darn trees kept getting in the way as we drove past). We went to a fantastic Farmer's Market in Everett at the marina (the kind of Farmer's Market that has live music) but I forgot my camera.

We did eat at the Pilchuck Drive In, where I ate fish and chips as a girl. They're still excellent. And the fish is still served in the formed cardboard dishes.

Oh- and I finished the inside out socks, and gave them to the recipient... and forgot to take a picture.

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Stacy said...

I've never been to Seattle but have wanted to go for a while... need to make that happen sometime soon!