Monday, July 6, 2009

It's the little things

Blog commenter Kathy Sue pointed out something I'd never noticed before- the two clocks on the tower at the grocery store in my town are not synchronized. I pass by them nearly every day, and had never noticed that. Even after looking at 30 parade pics, I didn't notice it. Now, I will never stop seeing it...

The details on the Spring Forward socks are coming along- I'm well into the foot of the first sock, and still loving the pattern.

The *I need it right away* gift sock is coming along well too. It needed to be plain-ish, and yet still fun, so I decided to make it Reverse Stockinette. I'm knitting it plain vanilla, but after the ribbing, I turned it inside out and am continuing on that way. Here it is, wrong side out.

And right side out. Cool, no?

And this little photo, from LolDogs ( )made me laugh out loud. The little things make me happy.

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Kathy Sue said...

Sorry--didn't mean to put a kink in your trips across town, was just curious! I really like your socks. I'm off of the main page and can't remember the name--it's the blue-ish ones. Is it really easy? I have never done lace on socks, and am afraid of it even though I do lots of lace scarves and shawls.