Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mini Road Trip

I'd never had much to do with Anacortes, WA. Our high school teams played their high school teams, so we automatically disliked each other, and the ferry lines to the San Juan Islands debark from Anacortes. Otherwise, I don't think I've ever been to Anacortes as an actual destination, so it was fun to drive up there today, just to see the town.

We drove through the Skagit Valley, where there were lots of crops (blueberries, potatoes, wheat, and some low growing row crop that none of us recognized), and boats on the Skagit River. We went through there, on the way to La Conner, which is a lovely little town with great shops (where I bought the sparkly little bead bracelet. I bought the other bracelet in Cannon Beach, and since I'm showing jewelry, I thought I'd throw that pic in as well). From there we went to Washington Park, where I got a pic of the Madrona bark, and the lovely pics of Mt. Baker and the islands in the sound. That lumpy thing that looks vaguely boat shaped with trees on it, is an actual boat hull that has been abandoned long enough for trees to grow on it.

It was a lovely day, ending with a great meal and a microbrew at the Skagit Valley Brewing Company, where I had Cajun Crab Cakes and Shiver Me Liver Barley Wine Ale (the waiter asked if I was sure when I ordered it. I was sure. It was 9.5% a/v, and very good, with a sweet beginning and a mildly hoppy aftertaste).

Tomorrow, I think we're going on a nature walk. And probably eating more good food. And definitely having another beer. It's a good life.

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Mary said...

Kathleen, You're in my backyard (almost)! Welcome to Skagit County, glad you like it. See you at Sock Summit!