Sunday, July 5, 2009

Spring Forwarder

I tried to get pictures of the truly wonderful fireworks display from last night (for a small town, they do a bang-up job... heh...) but I couldn't get the flash to shut off, even in *night mode*. Besides which, my timing was off totally. By the time I snapped the shutter, the sparklies had faded. But it was really pretty. So were the fireflies. We see them occasionally here, but they were out celebrating in force last night.

In between bouts of cleaning (company coming and leaving for vacation- both demand a cleaner house than I usually live with comfortably), I've been working on the Spring Forward socks (from Knitty- I can't seem to get links to embed, but type Spring Forward Sock Pattern into any search engine, and you'll find them). I cannot say how much I love this lace pattern- it's extremely easy (a combo of 2 different YO rnds, with plain rnds in between) and yet looks very complicated. It suits this yarn (Decadent Fibers Savory Socks) and colorway (not sure the name- but it's lovely and subtle mottled blue-greens) perfectly. This is Pair #4 for the Sock Summit. That will make a new pair of socks for each day, and I could stop now, but I'd sort of like a pair for the Sock Hop too. We'll see how that goes, since I realized that I needed another pair of gift socks pronto, so I'll be casting on a fairly plain pair in Plymouth Yarn's Happy Feet today too (no pic of the yarn, but it's very pretty variegated greens with a bit of raspberry thrown in).

But mostly, I'll be cleaning. Again. Some more.


Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing. This will be the next sock pattern I try. The lace looks so pretty.

saskatoonstitcher said...

Those are beautiful socks. I am in love with the colour and the pattern.