Monday, July 20, 2009

More Hometown

We took a driving tour of my childhood this morning, showing The Grands where I grew up(or the space whereI grew up anyway- the house was moved to make way for an on ramp), my Grandparent's houses (again, one house and the space where one house used to be), my elementary school, my high school, the little store where my dad bought beer and fishing licences, and my old high school.

We'll take a tour of the downtown later this afternoon (or tomorrow). Tonight we're having a lovely classmate get together.

Oh, and I've done some knitting- these will be random cable socks.I think the Mason Dixon Ladies invented this notion- I just cast on 72 sts and am working 1 and 2st cables wherever the notion hits. They'll be fraternal socks and I think they'll be cool. (Koigu, 2.75mm needles,72 sts)

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