Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rose City Pepperheads

We just got back from the Gresham Farmer's Market. South Dakota has many many advantages and beauties, and I don't want to live anywhere else (though I would love to travel more), but it does not have produce that anyone on either coast would even consider as a food product. On vacation, we like to roam the grocery stores and check out un-spotted mushrooms, and non-limp celery. We went almost to the source this morning, with the farmer's market- with an amazing array of freshly picked cherries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and every kind of vegetable and fruit that is in season. I forgot to take my camera, but I tasted, bought, and had for lunch (with cream cheese on crackers) some pepper jelly from Rose City Pepperheads ( ).

I bought Smokin' Margarita, Hawaiian Jalapeno, Mango Madness, and some little sampler jars (some for gifts). We're going to the Portland Saturday Market later today. I'll take the camera along.

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Geek Knitter said...

I have a serious weakness for Rose City Pepperheads.