Friday, July 31, 2009

The Field Report, and other Friday stuff

It rained about 2" while we were gone, and it rarely got up to 80 degrees, but the soybeans loved it anyway. They've grown a lot in the last two weeks, though the edges of the field (where there was standing water for a long time) look pretty tough.

I'm going to try again with the Crab Apple Jelly, even though last year's batch did not jell. I'll have plenty of raw material.

I'm nearly done with the Spring Forward socks, pair #4 for the Sock Summit (Savory Sock yarn from Decadent Fibers- it's lovely yarn). I just have the toe to finish, and blocking. I doubt I'll get a 5th pair done in time, though I am taking the Koigu cabled socks as my airplane knitting, so we'll see.

I only found 2 paper doll sets on vacation, which is unusual (I usually find a bunch of Shackman reprints in Cannon Beach). One is a Golden Books reprint of the 1952 Here Comes the Bride. It's a gorgeous set with 6 dolls and 8 pages of faboo vintage clothes. The other is a 2006 Holly Hobbie coloring book with 4 dolls and 8 pages of clothes to color and cut, plus the regular number of coloring pages. It only cost $1, and unfortunately Borders only had 1 copy. I won't upload scans of these books (I only post scans of books that are no longer available), but here's an interior shot.

Today, I'm dong a shopping run for trip supplies. I leave in 4 days for the Sock Summit!

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maxine said...

I, for one, am hanging on the edge of my seat about Sock Summit, and I am not even going. I will be looking forward to your reports from the field. Have great fun!