Sunday, July 26, 2009

Whitehall, MT

After a long day's drive, through lots of rainy mountain passes, we're in Whitehall, MT for the night. Tomorrow, we'll head for Spearfish, SD, and the day after, home. It's been a wonderful vacation- the last few days were filled with family fun and reunions, including a trip to the Public Access Beach at Panther Lake. My grandma lived on Panther Lake, and my sisters and cousins and I often walked to that beach to throw rocks in the water. I haven't been there in decades, so it was a real nostalgia trip.
Unfortnately, none of the photos I took through the car window today turned out, but here are some lily pads from Panther Lake.

And here is my car knitting for the day- a pair of worsted weight socks made with 2 of the small skeins I purchased at the yarn store in Snohomish. I did very little knitting on this trip, and it was nice to accomplish a bit today.

As wonderful as the mountains and trees are, I confess to missing the flat land. It's nice to see who is coming at you.

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Anonymous said...

Funny, since we live in East Tennessee with lots of hills and mountains, we say exactly the opposite when we near the end of our vacation. We miss the terrain of home. We are all alike in our differences aren't we? I have enjoyed 'coming along' on your wonderful vacation.