Monday, July 27, 2009

Bizzoula and Mute

You know how it is when you've been in the car a long time, and get a little giggly from pure exhaustion? One of us Spoonerized Missoula and Butte, and we laughed for 70 miles. You probably had to be there to get it.

We're in Spearfish, SD, in a Super 8 that was fairly hard to find (difficult enough that The Hubby actually asked for directions). We drove in pouring rain for the last hour (with a little thunder and lightning thrown in for variety), but it's clearing up now. The temp is 64, and it's supposed to be 77 at home tomorrow (as opposed to the 90's, on the coast. whoda thunk?). We drove down to Deadwood for supper, and bought Black Hills Gold and Silver necklaces for The Grands. We also lost $15 about as quickly as you can lose $15, but I had to try for my sister who always wins at the slots, and my brother in law, who won $10,000 on a scratch lottery ticket. That's a pair of socks that will never be knit or given...

Speaking of socks- I finished the worsted weight socks I was working on in the car (the yarns are a combo of wool/mohair and wool/angora). Then I tore out the mini random cable sock out (it just didn't look right), and started another with more symmetrical cables. I like this one better, and even better yet, I remembered how to work cables without a cable needle.

And remember the knitting needles through the head headband? My friend Jane went back to Portland's Saturday Market and picked up a set for me to wear at the Sock Summit (and anywhere else I might want to wear them). If you want a set, here's the Spoonman's website:

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Nancy D. said...

When my children were small and watched Sesame Street, I had 2 favorite characters whose names I sometimes spoonerized. One wasn't so bad; after all, there is a man's name of Bernie-the trouble was, that left the other one being Ert.
I'm sure I would have laughed for miles over Bizzoula and Mute, too.