Friday, July 3, 2009

The Field Report, Mitered Progress

We live close to the railroad tracks (as you may have noticed in the crabapple pic last week). They spray along the tracks to kill the weeds (in 1911, a spark from a train started a fire and burned down two houses on our property. The RR built a single huge duplex for the brother and sister who owned the burned houses, which we bought in 1984. That house burned down in '92, and we rebuilt a much smaller house on the same spot in '01, but I digress). The weed spray kills the broadleaf weeds admirably, but did not touch the lone patch of volunteer wheat, which has headed out.

The soybeans grew a lot this week, even though it was fairly cool and dry (low humidity, low dewpoints, and no rain). We're slated for some storms in the next day or so, which is a good thing, holiday notwithstanding. Everything around here needs a good drink.

I'm done with the Tudor Era for the time being (until The Six Wives of Henry VIII arrives), so I made do with The Stand, which is an okay adaptation of the book (Gary Sinese, Ray Walston, Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis, the guy who played Larry, the gal who played that evil girl who seduced Nick, and Miguel Ferrer are perfect. Molly Ringwald as Frannie, and Laura San Giacomo, not so much). And I made very good progress on the Twisted Leftover Mitered Cuff Socks. I went with 5 rows of mitered squares this time, and I like how they came out. I'm using the following Twisted Fiberarts Yarns (link in Stash Enhancers- there's a new update btw- go and order some now), all Playful (heavy fingering weight): Valkyrie Heel/Toe Lightning Coordinate for the upper edge, Scorched, Valkyrie, Karma, that pink./orange stripe whose name I can't remember (added later: Tulip), Firefly, Lightning heel, and then on the foot, Scorched and Valkyrie (I'll work bands of the others as I continue). I love these socks and will love debuting them at the Sock Summit, even if it is 100 degrees outside (as it very well may be).


Mary Keenan said...

Those. Colours. They are awesome together! I must look at my Twisted stash and see what I can put together myself... thanks for the inspiration!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Maire- I have not found a Twisted combo yet that didn't look absolutely smashing together. It doesn't seem to matter- they all look good together, and I love using up bits and pieces of leftovers to make one-of-a-kind socks. And I'm thrilled that I get to keep these for me.

Anonymous said...

Those colours are fantastic! Beautiful work and the greenery photos are truly a treat.

Anonymous said...

Love those socks, they just pop.