Saturday, September 8, 2007

About using the free patterns

Here are my thoughts on using the free patterns that I post here (on Fridays, when I can). This applies to these patterns only, not the projects in my books and patterns published by third parties, because the individual publishers have policies on these issues, which override my opinions.

You may
  • Knit 1- 1,000 of each pattern posted
  • Sell the finished items
  • Post pics of the finished items on your blogs, in newsgroups or wherever
  • Tell anyone and everyone where you got the pattern, and direct them here to get their own copy
Please do not
  • Repost the instructions or charts (linking to here is a better option)
  • Print multiple copies of the patterns to hand out (again, link here and let others download their own copies)
  • Teach the patterns as a class without asking first
I would love it if you would:
  • Give attribution where appropriate
  • Let me know if you find mistakes
  • Send me pics or links of the items you knit from the patterns so I can post them here

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