Monday, September 17, 2007


I got a batt of Aleta Van Kampen's Teeswater/Cotswold cross Northern Lights spun, plied, washed, dried, and whapped a few times. It turned out reeeel purty. The skein is about 131 yds, 98 gr, and about 13wpi. I have another batt spun (this one was about 2ozs) and ready to ply, and the one in the pic left to spin, so I'll have plenty for a pair of socks. The yarn has a nice sheen, and it's smooth and sturdy. There isn't any bounce in it, but that's fine. I'll use some sort of texture (rib or waffle, or suchlike) when I knit my socks, and I predict that the yarn will behave perfectly. I'll probably use size 3 needles.

I could have kept the colors separate by spinning a finer single, and Navajo plying, but I wanted the yarn to have bits of color here and there, rather than specific stripes. I think it's going to knit up beautifully.
I do love to spin, I just haven't had the wheel out for a very long time (this is the first skein in about a year), but I've got the bug again (and a wool/roving stash that rivals the yarn stash, so I'm not going to run short).


Kate/Massachusetts said...

Your yarn is so pretty that I couldn't resist! I emailed your link to Aleta and ordered 8 ounces...she does mailorder. Yippee! Thanks for sharing. Oh the wonders of the internet!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Cool! I love being an enabler. And you'll love the fiber. I really like spinning longwools, and this stuff almost spins itself. Enjoy!