Thursday, September 13, 2007

Handspun Hat

I am totally incapable of judging how much yarn a project will need. I really thought that there was not going to be enough of the dark brown or yellow handspun yarn to complete the entire Nordic hat. It wouldn't have mattered, really, because I had more brown yarn (just a shade lighter), and some nice solid gray, both of which would have looked just fine with the mottled colors I was already using. But it turns out that there was plenty of the dark brown, and a few yards left over of the yellow (though the closer I got to the end, the faster I knit, as though I could outrun the end of the yarn).

I am inordinately pleased with how the design came together at the top- it took a little jockeying to do those decreases and make sure that the colors came out the way I wanted them to (translation: I'm not going to write this pattern up. It's one of those you gotta figure it out for yourselves kind of designs). The hat is already washed and drying, so I can't weigh it right now, but I suspect it took about 150 gr of handspun yarn (the yarn itself is fine, but heavy). I used Size 3 needles, 144 sts (6-24 st repeats), and it has a folded picot hem. It's a medium adult size.

I don't wear hats often, so this will go in the Gift Tub.

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N. Maria said...

I don't wear hats, either, but I'm drawn to knitting them up! Weird, huh?
Yours is spectacular!