Monday, September 10, 2007

Busy Week

It's going to be a busy week for me- though I started early, I still have all of the writing (and some of the knitting) left to do for my 2 workshops at NCFF this Saturday (link to the upper right). So those 2 things will be my priority this week. On Friday, we have our first Knitters Etc meeting in Aberdeen, SD (1:00 pm at the Red Rooster Cafe, 2nd Friday of every month from Sept-May). I am excited to see what everyone has done over the summer. I'll take and post pics. And then on Saturday, it's NCFF, which will be a lovely but loooooong day. I'm teaching 2 classes, entering a couple of things in the competition, staying for supper and an instructor's forum, and of course, buying a lot. This is what I bought last year:

I haven't done much spinning this year, and I much prefer using my wheel (Ashford Joy), but this spindle begged to come home with me and I couldn't turn it down.

I am embarrassed to say that I bought this. Not that I'm embarrassed, ever, by yarn purchases. I'm embarrassed because I totally forgot that I bought all of this wonderful wool/silk yarn, until I looked for the picture of the spindle. And it's still in the bag (probably with the receipt still in the sack),I did have a sweater in mind when I bought it- I need to find that pattern again.

And I bought these from the Peruvian vendor who always brings the most beautiful little hand carved flutes and buttons and sweaters and blankets and hats and ponchos and llama toys.

And all this wonderful fiber, which still remains unspun (I said I hadn't gotten out the wheel in far too long).

Anyway, I love NCFF and can't wait until Saturday, and I'll take lots of pics.

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