Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What I'm Watching While I Knit- Prime Suspect Seasons 2-3

Blockbuster doesn't always send discs in the proper order. I watched the first disc of Prime Suspect Season 2 and then waited for the 2nd disc to arrive. Instead BB sent me both discs of Season 3 . Since the seasons aren't linked, storywise, and I was too annoyed and impatient to send S3 back and wait for the rest of S2, I watched S3 first.

As always with this series, S3 was marvelously acted- gritty and real and heartbreaking. It centers around the murder of a Rent Boy, and spends a lot of time in the Gay/Transvestite/Child Porn world, which can be a dark and depressing place (at least that last part). The odd thing about this season is that I had seen a little of it on BBC, and I could swear that it had a different ending- one of *the good guys* was really a *bad guy*, and this time around he stayed *good*. Unless they revisit this storyline in later seasons, I will have to assume that my brain has fritzed. I particularly enjoyed Ciaran Hinds, who was already a bit Julian.

After S3 had been viewed and returned, the final disc of S2 arrived, and I plunged back into the story of a missing girl, an unidentified buried body, race relations, and Jane Tennison's messy personal and professional life. I did learn why Jane was the head of a Vice Unit in S3, rather than heading a Homicide Unit. And I was startled to see her dialing a rotary phone- I had forgotten that these episodes were filmed about 15 years ago.

Highly recommended.

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