Sunday, September 9, 2007

East River Gloves Complete

Well, I think this is it for me and gloves for awhile. Knitting the fingers is such a pain, but the results were worth the work. I love how these came out, and I will wear them proudly. I used Rowanspun 4 ply yarn (discontinued unfortunately), in seven colors(this yarn is very fine, it came in 25g hanks, with something like 167 yds). The pair weighs just over an ounce, so not much of any one color was needed (the sage green and off-white were the dominant), though I had plenty left over from the matching sweater, so I didn't worry about running out. I was very careful with my color changes and weaving, so I think I'll enter these at NCFF (link to the upper right) next weekend.

These pics were taken outside and the colors are pretty true.

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