Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Busy Days

I can't show what I'm working on at the moment, because it's for a book proposal, but here's a snippet. Pretty colors, no?

I have several items that have to be knit and sent in by Friday, and if I am lucky, I will, once again, be gainfully employed. I'd cross my fingers, but it's hard to knit that way.

In the meantime, my other granddaughter (the one who doesn't like to wear sweaters) was thumbing through the Dale Baby Book (#152). She stopped on a page, and said, a little breathless, "Oh Grandma, I looooove this sweater. Will you knit it for me?" What sweater enthralled her so? The ladybug sweater that I already made for her cousin for Christmas. So I guess I'll be knitting another one.

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