Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Workshop Work

I'm sort of proud of myself- I don't have to teach my two new workshops for another week and a half (see link at the side of the page for NCFF), and I actually did not wait until the last minute to start getting ready. I spent most of the day thinking through the process, and doing sample knitting for the introduction to steeking class, where students will take this...

And turn it into this. Or at least that's the plan. Class members have to bring a small knitted tube to class, and I'll (theoretically) walk them through sewing and cutting the steeks, picking up stitches for sleeves and bands, and finishing a doll-size sweater. I know that 4 hours won't be enough for everyone to finish, but I hope to give them enough info to continue on their own (along with handouts). I think it'll be fun (if anyone signs up for the class, that is). (by the way- the little sweater hasn't been blocked yet. It should be nice and straight by class time. I used Cascade 220 Quatro yarns.)

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