Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Workshop Handouts Finished

Whew. Two new workshops (doing short-row heels, and steeking on a doll-size sweater) all written up and printed out. The steeking workshop has 5 pages of printed photos showing every step of the process (unfortunately, my Dell printer drinks ink- it's my only complaint about the printer. Well that, and it's as big as the Queen Mary), and 4 pages of written instructions. I am so glad that I remembered to scan each and every step of the process- that made writing the instructions much easier. I had to write down the steps for the short-row heels as I knitted as well because I don't think when I knit socks, I just knit, and I knit back-backwards on the heels, so I had to take the time to purl the purl rows, and then write down exactly how many sts I purled (or knit) on each row (for both worsted weight and fingering weight socks). But it's done now, and the samples are knitted (except that I need to finish one foot, and get down to the heel on the mate, but I have until Saturday to finish that, so no problemo).

I've uploaded a shrunken peek at the photos for the steeking workshop. As soon as I finish the last of the sample sock knitting, I'm going to start a pair of Magic 28 socks (well, maybe I'll woohoo first, since I've been working on these handouts for 2 weeks straight and I am very glad to be done).

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