Tuesday, April 29, 2008

AI- Top 5 Performance

Well, Neil Diamond Night wasn't quite as bad as The Second Week of The Beatles, but it wasn't far from it.

Jason's performance of Forever in Blue Jeans was more energetic and animated than usual, but that doesn't take much since he's generally so laid back as to be comatose. I'm not objective when it comes to Jason's singing- I find him to be very entertaining, so I tend to be forgiving. I enjoyed his performance, though not at Somewhere Over the Rainbow Levels.

David Cook's smartassery might have been scripted, and therefore not his fault, but it annoyed me anyway, though not as much as the new hairdo. His I'm Alive may have been good, but the sound quality was so bad, I couldn't tell (and he's the anti-Jason- I'm apt to dislike even his good performances).

Brooke's pants appear to be made from polished cotton, a fabric I haven't seen since the late 50's. Her I'm A Believer was lackluster at best, though she pulled it out at the end. I prefer Donkey's version from Shrek.

David Archuleta, dressed for Jailhouse Rock, was just plain bad on Sweet Caroline. I would say that it was his worst performance of the competition, but the evening isn't over yet.

Syesha seems to have turned a corner. I don't love her, but at least she stopped Whitneying everything. On the other hand, beginning a song while sitting on the Steps of Seriousness is never a good idea.

Paula critiques performances that have not yet happened. Why were we not informed that Time Travel was one of her skills?

Jason's September Morn was okay, though he was a bit ahead of the music. While he did surprisingly well with some of the other odd themes, Neil Diamond (like Andrew Lloyd Webber) is not his niche.

They fixed the murky sound on David Cook's second song, and he did okay but he still had the stupid hair.

Brooke chose I Am, I Said, which Dave Barry rightfully named as one of the worst rock songs of all time. However, even the chair agreed that it was better than her first song.

David Archuleta pulled a Kristy Lee Cook with Coming To America, but it was a terrible, terrible performance. I actually cringed.

Syesha's take on Thank The Lord For The Night Time, was interesting, but it didn't work.

Best of the night? Well, none of them qualified for Best of Anything, but I enjoyed Jason's Forever in Blue Jeans the most.

Worst? Brooke's I'm a Believer had me wishing for Davy Jones, but luckily for her, David Archuleta had a truly horrible night- both of his songs were just plain awful.

Unluckily for her, I don't think wee Davie is going anywhere.

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