Wednesday, April 23, 2008

AI- Top 6 Elimination

Well, if you were thinking about putting money down on my psychic abilities, you might want to hold off for a bit.

But before we get to how wrong I was, there was Ryan smooching Simon (and Simon massively overreacting), a group sing that sounded pretty good, a fairly cool commercial with comic book illustrations, and a reminder that we could still be listening to Danny Noriega every week.

And then both Davids are safe, as if there was any doubt that they're this year's Top 2.

OMG! It's Clay!!!!!! Squeee!!!!! (I talk about American Idol endlessly, so you can't be surprised that my taste veers toward the Aiken, right?)

So that's Leona Lewis. Huh. She's not terrible, but she's not exciting either. She does rock the stilettos, though. But really, show- flames?

And we get to the first shocker of the evening- Brooke is safe, which totally blindsides her. I don't think Syesha saw it coming either, though one good performance doesn't exactly make up for the rest of the meh.

Soon afterward, Jason is safe, which is the exact opposite of my prediction. Carly, on the other hand, is more relaxed than I've ever seen her on stage, and she seems completely unsurprised. Her possible singout is fine, though JCST is such a yelly-shouty song that I can't really enjoy it (once again, I wish for I Don't Know How to Love Him). Syesha, back to her usual form, suffers from the lack of superfantastic dress and hair, and an excess of pitchyness. My conclusion, based on the order of their songs, is that Syesha is headed home (see above, re: my psychic prowess).

Note to Randy Jackson, who has obviously never watched American Idol: It's always been a popularity contest.

And Carly is gone. She seemed to yearn so desperately for validation (after her dismal album experience, who can blame her), that I am surprised at how calm and collected she is during her Bon Voyage Montage. Good Luck, Carly. I wish you well.

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