Tuesday, April 22, 2008

AI- Top 6 Performance

Andrew Lloyd Weber might just be my favorite Guest Mentor ever. I've never heard such blunt, non-partisan assessments on the show (Simon is blunt, but he's as partisan as they come). ALW didn't sugar coat his opinions and he didn't pretend to like things he didn't like. It must have been contagious, because Paula was more lucid, and much less with the rainbows and auras than usual.

Syesha starts the night out with a terrific performance of One Rock And Roll Too Many. She's wearing a very flattering dress. Except for starting a bit ahead of the music, her rendition was better, and showed more personality, than we've seen from her all season. Brava, Syesha!

Jason did as well as he could with the theme, and Memory, especially since he didn't know it was sung from the viewpoint of a cat. A lady cat.

I'm rooting for Brooke, but she is crumbling before our eyes, and honestly, sending her home would be a favor. I think she's this close to an onstage meltdown, which I do not want to see.

Lord LW tells David A not to close his eyes while singing (though strangely, he didn't mention the constant lip-licking), and wee David tries really hard to prop the peepers open, with moderate success. As always, he sounds wonderful. The boy has an amazing voice, but I still wish he'd waited 3 or 4 years before trying out.

I would rather have heard Carly sing I Don't Know How to Love Him, but she did okay with JCST, though I think Paula was right that Carly started too high for her range.

I didn't believe any of the faux-emotion in David Cook's Music of the Night. That was every bit as calculated as Kristy Lee Cook singing God Bless America a few weeks ago. I suppose he really couldn't Daughtry or Emo Phantom, but singing it straight-up wasn't the right choice either. I think he sounded like a high school talent show contestant.

Best of the night? Syesha, and pretty much only Syesha (I suppose David Archuleta as well, though I wish he'd try understatement, just once)

Worst? Everyone else, including sweet befuddled Jason.

Going home? Boy, it could be any of them. But I'm betting on either Brooke or Jason.

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