Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Tab- Lowe Jan and Fran Front & Back Dolls and Dresses #2766

Sorry I'm late uploading this- I was on the last day of my first half of the sock book deadline and then I had to run a big box of socks to the FedEx office (43 miles away) before the blizzard hits. I totally forgot that it was Thursday.

Anyway, this is Lowe's Jan and Fran, Front & Back Dolls and Dresses #2766. It's an interesting set from 1964. You might want to print the whole thing on card stock. There is an odd number of clothes pages because one page was printed on the back cover. The Doll backs were on the inside of the front cover. It'll be tricky to print and glue them together, but maybe if you hold them up to a window, you can line them up properly. In order to put most of the clothes on the dolls, you'll have to cut a slit in the back neckline. You can see where on some of the outfits, but not all of them.

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