Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blue Hawaii

I'm back to sock-book work (the one I'm doing now is totally amazing, if I do say so myself), so my time at the wheel is limited. But I did get a little spinning done last night- about a quarter of the greeny/blue Corrie roving that I dyed on Saturday. I love how this color is coming out.

I'm heading out to Mitchell soon, for the signing at Cafe Teresa. I'll be back tonight with a report and pics of The World's Only Corn Palace.


Teish said...

Oh my GOSH! I LOVE that color!!!!! I've been looking for a similar color for a sweater for my husband, hmmm... Guess I need to learn to spin!

duraknit said...

Kathleen, when you're done with this book, I want you to reveal your secret. I'm beginning to think you must have one of Hermione's time-turners!

Elizabeth D.

lisabeedesigns said...

Gorgeous! Now I'm jonesing for blues and greens.

lisabeedesigns said...
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