Wednesday, April 16, 2008

AI Top 7 Elimination

I've hated the Top 7 Elimination night ever since they forced poor George Huff to place himself in the proper group of three. It was mean then, it was mean in Seasons 4, 5 and 6, and it's still mean, though The Show tried to pull a sneaky on us this time around.

But before that, we had the group sing (which will never be mistaken for a group dance). David Archuleta ditched the leather pants, and Syesha embraced her inner Nadia Turner.

Then we had the division that confused me by placing Syesha, Jason and Carly in one group, and David Cook, Brooke, and Kristy in the other. I played right into The Show's hands by thinking that maybe we really were going to have another shocking boot.

Hey Elliott, with your shiny new choppers, and your odd new song (I prefer the last one that got airplay, the one I always think is a Boy Band from the 90's... sort of like that Celine Dion song that I always think is Kelly Clarkson). It was nice of Ryan to acknowledge the passing of Elliott's mother. She was a sweetie.

The viewer questions were marginally less stupid this time around (playing along: the first records I bought with my own money were: Oliver -can't remember the album title, but it had Jean and Good Morning Starshine on it- The Association's Greatest Hits, and a single of Elusive Butterfly)(yes, I am old).

And then Mariah sang a song (I'm not a Mariah Fan, so the song didn't register with me one way or the other), and then declared, "I love myself some him" (speaking about Randy Jackson- who renders me ungrammatical sometimes too).

And finally, we're down to the business of the show, first by rearranging the kids so that David Cook is back with the Upper Tier, and Syesha with the Lower (though I fully expected Carly to be the bootee). Then David Archuleta pulls a Bo, and Kristy is sent home, and I am surprised to be a little sad- I didn't want her to stick around (it was way past her time, and even further past Syesha's), but surely she was the most improved performer of the group (while Brooke slowly disintegrates). If Kellie Pickler's example means anything, my animosity for Kristy will mellow into amused good will by Season 9 (if there is a Season 9).

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