Friday, April 11, 2008

AI- Top 8 Elimination

I tried to write this last night, but though we missed the predicted blizzard (all around us got a ton of snow, but we just had a couple of inches), we had sustained winds over 30mph, and lost power 7 times in a single hour. I gave up and went to bed.

Anyway, Shocker! Shocker! Shocker!

But before the shocking elimination, we had Up With Jesus, Kristy Lee Cook's worst outfit ever (one sleeve? really?), Zack and Cody (I have granddaughters, so I know about them too) and a montage that makes me think that AI needs a Monkees Night.

Brooke is lucky and safe, David Cook (who I thought might be in danger) is also safe, dammit. I peg Archuletta for Top 2, so no surprise there.

Jordin looks good, but I'm old and that song was annoying. They celebrate her status as The Lowest Selling AI Winner Ever (while still ignoring Taylor's existence)(bitter? you bet).

The Top 8 Celebrate Ford and Jackson Pollock.

Jason and Kristy are safe, which leaves Michael Johns, Syesha and Carly for the Bottom Three. Carly thinks she's going home, I hope Syesha is going home, and Michael Johns assumes it's all a mistake.

Silly Michael Johns.

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