Tuesday, April 15, 2008

AI- Top 7 Performance

My but we're glittery tonight, in honor of Mariah Carey, who is, like, really famous, and like, popular, and like, sort of trying to, like, help these kids with their, like, singing, and stuff.

David Archuleta is wearing leather pants, which distracts me enough that I don't listen to what he's singing because I am too busy wondering if it is illegal for him to dress that way.

Carly, in black and with a minimum of sparkle, once again dips into the Clay Aiken Cover Songbook, on Without You. It's nice, but she strained on some of the notes.

Gold and sparkly Syesha sings Vanishing, bringing to the forefront everything I dislike about Mariah Carey.

Paula is babbling and interrupting and mumbling, though not quite at The Chihuahuas Joining You Onstage Level of Incoherency.

Brooke, black and very sparkly, sang Hero at the piano. I should have liked that performance more, but her lack of connection to the song was front and center.

I am puzzled to discover that Kristy Lee Cook is growing on me. Or at least, I don't dislike her as much as I used to. She was bronze and shiny, and sounded fine.

Unfortunately, David Cook didn't glam it up. It seems obvious that the judges are looking for the Daughtry they didn't get the first time around.

I am going to stop worrying about Jason. If he can pull off ukeleles, he can deal with Mariah Carey. I really liked his song, and I loved the bongos. I tried to vote for the first time this season, but did not get through even once, so I'd guess that Jason is safe.

Who isn't safe? One of the girls, probably Carly.


lisabeedesigns said...

I have to admit that I agree with you about Kristy Lee. She's definitely getting better. (But, still, not quite good enough.)

I think I need to buy a poster of Jason and hang it on my bedroom wall. It doesn't matter that I'm more than 20 years older than him, does it?

Viki said...

I thought that David Cook actually did okay. Jason came in 2nd.

Kristy Lee has always bugged me and I am really surprised that she lasted as long as she did.

I'm afraid Carly isn't long for the show, and Brooke was broke.

I don't know why, but I really don't like David A. that much.