Tuesday, April 8, 2008

AI- Top 8 Performance

So, AI is on 3 times this week, which would usually be fine with me, but I'm going to have a real conflict if the elimination show is opposite the new episode of The Office on Thursday. We don't have TiVo, and our VCR no longer records (and barely plays), so we live back in the middle of the 20th Century, where you can only watch a show while it's airing.

But today is Tuesday, a long time from Jim and Pam and Michael and Jan- tonight is Ryan and inspirational songs, and Paula's poor squooshed boobs.

Michael Johns is going to ruin his vocal cords screaming like a rock wannabe, though if that happens, I'm pretty sure he and his ascot can find work with Scooby and the gang.

In addition to insulting all of the remaining contestants (it's possible that they *get* her just fine), Syesha continues her unbroken string of incredibly stupid song choices. Fantasia's coronation ditty is a lose-lose-lose-lose situation- Fantasia's fans will automatically dismiss the performance, Fantasia's non-fans will not be impressed, the judges will never allow anyone to outshine their beloved, and the song itself, a mishmosh of rainbows, puppy dreams, and unicorn wings, is a shining example of what is wrong with every single coronation tune.

We have decided that Jason is the Cyndi Lauper of American Idol. Personally, I love him, and I was mezmerized by the song, which absolutely should not have worked, but did. I'm totally shocked that the judges agreed not only with me, but with each other, especially considering that Over the Rainbow was the signature song of both Kat McPhee and Kimberly Locke. I admire Jason for never taking the easy route.

I think Kristy Lee Cook knows she's going home fairly soon (though maybe not this week). She hit a few bad notes, but it was, overall, her best performance so far.

Okay- who narrates the Al Gore commercial? It's driving me crazy. I know that I know that voice.

After a couple of weeks of David Cook being almost tolerable, he's back to annoying the bejabbers out of me. From his Revolutionary War Re-enactment Jacket, to that atonal song, to cheesy messages written on the palm of his hand- his was the worst performance of the evening.

I am liking Carly's voice more and more, and she has hit on the perfect makeup, but I agree with Simon- the last half of that song was not good. Not good at all.

David Archuletta's voice is gorgeous, though I prefer it when he stays out of his lower register. I didn't know the song, but the performance was lovely.

Brooke hit a couple of pitchy spots in an otherwise note-for-note copy of Carole King's own version of You've Got a Friend. It was pleasant and it was competent, but it wasn't good enough to for Brooke to sleep well tonight.

Tonight's best? Jason and David Archuleta, and reluctantly, Kristy Lee Cook.

The worst? Michael Johns, Syesha, and David Cook

Going Home? I'm afraid for Carly

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