Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blue Bayou

This is the yarn from the Corriedale roving that I dyed with Gaywool dye (Iceberg), on Saturday. It came out exactly as I hoped- a little mottling, soft and pretty lofty for me (I'm a tight spinner, mostly because I knit socks with nearly everything I spin). This skein is 3.4 ozs and 198 yds, 2 ply, and fingering weight (I'm going to have to start putting a pencil or something in my pictures for reference, because all of the shots look like worsted weight yarn). I took a pic after plying but before niddy-noddying just to show how much yarn I can cram on a single bobbin.

Next up on the wheel is the greeny/blue roving from Saturday's dyeing.


ChristyH said...

I some how think it is magic when the roving is changed into usable wool. Someday I hope to learn this magic. The color is so lovely and reminds of glacier pictures I have seen.

journeysandreflections said...

I love the color! It's very pretty.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Thanks christy and journeysand- I think the color is great too (and I'm not generally drawn to blue).

christy- it IS magic when you turn roving into yarn. It's even more magical when you take wool right from the sheep, sort, wash, card and spin it into yarn (dyed or un). It's an amazing process, and easy to learn. I'll have to find some links to making a simple drop spindle and post them for those who are ready to give it a shot. You won't be sorry!

lisabeedesigns said...


i'm not much of a blue girl, but that is just dreamy.

can't wait to see what's up next!