Monday, April 14, 2008

Blue Heaven

Man, I'm never going to run out of *blue* song titles (or at least, I'll run out of blue yarn first). This is a nice skein- 3 ozs, 127 yds, Midnight Blue, superwash Merino, my usual heavy fingering/sport weight yarn (it'll knit up just fine on size 3 needles- though the pics always look like the yarn is worsted weight). I'm pretty sure the wool is Brown Sheep mill ends, and it was the only blue roving I had on hand. It wasn't fun to spin- the mill ends were all jumbled, with fibers going every which way, neps and small snarls, and it was severely compacted (which is sort of the definition of *mill ends*). I was too lazy to get out the drum carder to straighten it out (Lazy is my middle name, you can look it up), and I thought I could just sort of finger-comb and pull it all into spinnable hunks. I was able to do that, but it was a pain, and next time (I have about 2 ozs of this stuff left), I will get out the carder and save a lot of bad words.

I've already spun and plied the light blue Corrie roving that I dyed on Saturday- it's a nice big, soft skein, and I'll take a pic as soon as it dries. Next up on the wheel is the dark greeny/blue. And after that more dark brown Romney, though I am hankering to try the Wrap and Roll yarn that is featured in the latest issue of Spin-Off. But today it's back to sock book work, so I won't be spending as much time at the wheel.

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Kay said...

Love that blue!