Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spinning spinning spinning

The last couple of weeks have been exhausting- marathon sock pattern writing (there's a reason why so many didn't get written up until late, but it's too complicated to explain right now), and an inability to knit anything else (even socks, because I don't want to muddy my head with new patterns while I'm trying to get old ones written up). Spinning has been the perfect decompression- I lose myself in the rhythm of the wheel and relax.

I finished spinning the natural/naturally dyed gold/brown batts- I did a single largish skein that ended up 3.3 ozs and 142 yards. It's a heavy fingering weight (I'm a dense, tight spinner, that's why my yarn weighs so much while having fewer yards), and I love the highlights in this yarn. It's a companion to a yellow batch (same natural dye) that I spun up earlier (note that one skein is underplied). The yellow totals 3.6 ozs and 219 yds.

I'm working on some absolutely yummy chocolate brown Romney that I washed myself, and had Abi at High Prairie Fibers card into pencil roving. It's spinning like a dream- I have several pounds of this, though I'm probably just going to spin 8 ozs right now. I also have some silver Romney, and several pounds of an award winning white Romney, so I'm sure I'll spin some of each for this series. The Romney came from Kirsten at Iron Water Ranch, and I cannot recommend her fleeces highly enough.

I don't have anything specific planned for this yarn, but the colors go together so beautifully, and I see something Stranded in its future.
P.S. Just 1 pattern left to write up, and then I'm half done with this book!!!!!
P.S.S. Iron Water Ranch- home of the most gorgeous Romney fleeces you'll ever see, smell, or touch:
Abi at High Prairie Home, who cards perfect pencil roving (note, the pic above is not her roving- those are some batts I carded myself) :


Teish said...

Hi Kathleen!

I just wanted to let you know that I heard your interview with Kelly on the Knit Picks podcast, and I loved it!!! After hearing about the felted wand pattern in your newest book, I decided that I'll have to put it on my books to buy list! My little girl would LOVE it! I have three kiddos, from 5 months to 3 years old, and I LOVE to knit for them. The look on their face when they realize that the thing I've been knitting is for THEM! The excitement is priceless! I'm looking forward to teaching my daughter to knit someday, though I hope that she doesn't grow up too fast! I'm also looking forward to your new sock book as well. I love knitting on DPNs!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Thanks so much, teish. Though I can knit with circulars (and I always use them for Fair Isle sweaters and hats), I'm really much more comfortable with dpns. But the instructions in the book will be adaptable to both techniques.