Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Future Hat

I got the rest of the fuchsia roving spun (though it looks very red in the skein). It came out to 125 yds and 2.2 ozs. So I have a total of 283 yds and 5.4 ozs, which should be enough to make my granddaughter a hat on size 3 needles. It may not be enough for earflaps and tassels, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it (which won't be any time soon, because it's still all-socks on the needles, and that's not going to change for awhile). The yarn turned out nice- fairly evenly spun and plied (a blob here and there, but it's well balanced)- I think you can see the sparkles in the pictures.

Next up- some natural and naturally dyed (maybe onion skin) yellow/brown wool that I got from Connie Henning-Wagenaar, also at the North Country Fiber Fair last September. This stuff is spinning up like a dream- I don't remember the wool breed, but Connie has some rare breed sheep. I already spun up a couple of skeins of lighter yellow wool from the same purchase. I don't know what I'm going to do with this yarn, but I suspect it'll involve Fair Isle (along with some grey and white Romney).


bspinner said...

Your interview on Knit Picks was fun and informative. Great job!

Kathleen Taylor said...

thanks bspinner- Kelly made it very easy.