Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Tab- Saalfield #4426 Double Date

Saalfield's Double Date (#4426) is a reprint of their 1957 #2757 Double Date. It has the same dolls, though possibly fewer pages of clothes (which is common with reprints). The reprint is die-cut, printed entirely on card stock-like paper, so the dolls are printed on the same page as the clothes. I never liked punch-out paper dolls because the perforations always looked sloppy and there was a huge tendency for tabs to tear off when taking them out of the page.

This set is like many teen-age sets- the girls look like they're going on 35, and the guys look 14, and they all wear incredibly high-waisted pants. Maybe it's a babysitter double date. And in keeping with tradition- this set is not labeled as a Cheerleader set, therefore it does have a cheerleader outfit (as opposed to many Cheerleader sets with nary a pom pom).

Click on the images to enlarge, right click to save as jpgs. You might want to print this whole set on card stock.


carolyn said...

Oh, those boys' clothes--the colors, the stripes, those green pants and the general dorkishness of it all. I love it!

Jan said...

Thanks Kathi - as usual beautiful graphics... Why do the guys usually look so... Oh I don't know.... :-) Jan

Kathleen Taylor said...

I know what you mean, carolyn and jan. I think they deliberately drew the guys to be, how you say, *non-threatening*... Very few paper doll sets with guys had even a hint of testosterone. I do have one teen set with a guy who looks like someone who has gone through puberty- I'll have to upload it one of these Thursdays.