Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy 100K! Contests! Prizes!!!

I started this blog on August 31, 2007 (not 2008, as has been gently pointed out...), with no idea if I was going to be able to come up with anything to say, or if anyone out there would be interested in my blather. Well, this morning, not quite 8 months later, the blog got it's 100,000 th hit. Now, I account for several a day, because I check in to see if there are comments, and I use the links on the right side of the page to read other people's blogs, but still, I haven't read my own posts 100k times. I'm amazed, proud, and so pleased that you all keep coming back.

To celebrate, and to thank you all for stopping by, I'm going to have 3 separate drawings for prizes! You may enter all of the contests if you like, though you can only win 1 prize. The contests will be listed separately, enter by posting a comment (or just your name) in the specific contest posts. Though you may certainly comment on this post, doing so won't enter you in any contests. The contests will be open from the moment I post them, until tomorrow morning (April 29), whenever I get up to the computer, which will probably be around 8:00am CDT.

The Book Drawing will have 4 prizes: a copy of I Heart Felt, a copy of Yarns to Dye For, copies of 4 of my mysteries (the only ones I have extra copies for), and 2 uncut vintage paper doll books from the early 70's.

The Yarn Drawing will have 4 prizes: 6.1 ozs (158 yds) bulky handspun Merino yarn, 2 ozs of handspun novelty yarns, including a skein that won 2nd prize at the North Country Fiber Fair, 2 balls (100gr) of Fortissima Socka yarn, the Mexiko self-patterning stuff that has been discontinued, and 3 ozs (about 200 yds) worsted weight wool dyed in a graduated color band.

The Spinning Drawing will have 4 prizes: 4.8 ozs brown organic cotton sliver, just over 4 ozs hand-dyed mohair lamb locks, 8 ozs medium gray Romney roving, 8 ozs chocolate brown Romney roving that has been blended with just a bit of copper glitz.

Let the entering begin!


Carol said...

Congratulations on all the hits! What a fantastic way to celebrate!

Hanh said...

Congratulations, Kathleen!
I'm most impressed, especially with everything that went on: knitting, spinning, book writing, you still manage to exercise and loose weight. What an inspiration

Molly said...

Congratulations :) You'll notice though that you couldn't have started your blog August of 2008, vbg!

Kathleen Taylor said...

What can I say, Molly... my fingers and typing don't always go together... ho ho. Thanks for letting me know, I fixed the mistake.

(shoot, I could have said that I was a time-traveler. Too late now...)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the hits! I just started reading your blog after hearing about it on the Knit Picks podcast.

btraxsd said...


MJ said...

Congratulations on everything! You are such a productive person. Best of luck in all of it. Impressive!