Wednesday, April 30, 2008

AI- Top 5 Elimination

Paula looks good, and sounds marginally lucid tonight. Ryan tries to gloss over her gaffe from last night with limited success (my guess- she watched the dress rehearsal and took notes, though I like the idea of Time Travel Paula much better).

I didn't write anything down about the group sing, and I can't remember which Diamond Chestnut(s) they trotted out, but I'll say again that this group has, collectively, the worst dancers in AI history.

The first one called out is never in the bottom tier, so I knew that Jason was safe. I love the kid, but he shouldn't try to think too much. Like Ebby Calvin LaLoosh, he needs to learn his cliches.

I actually wondered, for a moment, if David A was in danger (he really was that bad last night). I should have known better.

And then I was pretty certain that David Cook was in trouble, since they wouldn't ruin the suspense by leaving the bottom 2 for last. But it is Syesha and Brooke, with Brooke already fighting the water works.

If Ryan explained why Natasha Beddingfield was on the show, I missed it. Making David A blush was kind of creepy (I keep forgetting that he's 17, not 12).

Gina! Ace!! argh- my eyes... Constantine! And though they've studiously avoided mentioning him all season, they're going to have to say Taylor's name next week when they show his overpriced postage stamp.

I hate the call-in questions, but it was sweet that Simon remembered the name of his first crush. Then he ruined it by asking her if she was still cute.

Neil Diamond's voice is pleasantly gravelly, and his new song is nice (sort of Johnny Cash-ish), but Neil Diamond's old forehead is as smooth as a baby's bottom.

And finally, we see Brooke's onstage breakdown, and it's every bit as awful as I feared it would be. Brooke has been fragmenting for weeks now. It's better for her to go home and regroup. I like her voice and I hope she gets to make an album. I'll buy it.

The Davids in the Top 2 is a foregone conclusion. Since I doubt The Powers That Be want an all-male Top 3, Jason had better step it up next week.

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