Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Knitted Jammie Bottoms?

That's what my granddaughter requested from this roving and yarn. Luckily, there isn't nearly enough for a project that large. She did settle for a promised hat, which I think will have ear flaps and stranded motifs.

I do remember buying this roving from a vendor at the North Country Fiber Fair, but I don't remember the vendor's name or the wool type. I had thought that the lavender/glitz was Merino, but it didn't wash like Merino, so I'll settle for *soft but not springy*. The lavender skein is 2.5 ozs and 120 yds, probably sportweight. I must have spun and used the rest of the darker roving (purple/rust/glitz) because I would not have bought less than an ounce. That little skein is .7 ozs and 38 yds. I'm working on the fuchsia roving (which is more coarse than the lavender- my guess is Columbia), and will probably end up with a bit more yarn than the lavender after it's spun and plied. Plenty for a nice hat.

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